10 Awesome Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is everyone’s favorite festival in India. The lights, the colorful crackers creating a surreal vision on the dark sky, friends and family pouring in, gifts and presents, and food, of course! Since Diwali is just around the corner, we understand that you need to get your hands on some quirky and amazing gifts for your loved ones and we, can happily help you with that!

Check out below if you are looking for some Diwali gifts ideas to present your family/relatives/friends.

1. Home Accents(Idols):


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Buddha, is almost like the synonym of serenity and peace. This unique piece can be gifted to your relatives who are reserved and simple in nature and they can carry it around to their workplace too, as it isn’t too blingy or shiny. The idol is quite beautiful and budget friendly on the top of that. Order it right away from Fabfurnish!

2. Tea Light Diyas:


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Enlightening every corner of the home is mandatory during Diwali and how do you do that? Diyas, of course! Gift these customized, designer tea light diyas to your beloved ones. They are extremely astonishing and would look unique and wonderful at the same time!

3. String Lights: 


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Spreading light around the house with these string lights makes everything look magical. There are several variation in them and you don’t have to stick with a routine one. Try Gifting them for a change to your relatives/friends. And selfie addicts, these will make your Diwali even more special and your gallery fuller.

4. Sweets: 


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Somehow, we Indians are sweet-toothed by default. Because only that can explain our obsession with Rasgullas, Jalebis, Motichoor Laddoos, Gulab Jamuns and well, the list goes on. And this option is foolproof if you want to play it safe while gifting someone. Because come on, who doesn’t like sweets?  Right from the tiny kids to the elderly,  everyone does!

5. Gift Hampers: 


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Present a  customized combination of certain items that your particular friend likes, as a gift hamper(includes dry fruits, luxury gourmet stuff). You can buy gift hampers online too, if you’re a busy bumble bee and can’t take time out for such stuff. However, don’t forget to pour your heart out and add a cute little note with the hamper!l

6. Cushions: 


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Tiny and cute printed cushions are the things you just need when you’re in dilemma, unable to decide what to gift your female friends. You can even get these customized, adding a splash here, a favorite quote of hers there, something that sort. There are online stores that can help you with it!

7. Home Decor & Crafts:


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All of us, at least once, had envied that beautiful home decor we saw when we went to a friend’s home. And those things are so pretty, it’s difficult not to go ‘Awwww’ when you see them. Again, you can opt for the online option if you’re confused about it!  You can pick the best one’s there!

8. Gift Cards:


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When you run out of time and don’t know what to do, you have a life line and that is called as ‘Gift card”!  Present them a gift card with which your dear one’s can shop as per their choices. This is your escape plan-1.😜

9. Wind Chimes:


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Wind Chimes and dream catchers can be brilliant gifts, no matter to whom you gift them. The pleasant sound they make, the pretty patterns and the designs acts as home decors too! Alternatively, if you have enough time, you can make them by yourself and gift your friends!

10. Chocolates:


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When nothing’s in mind bas kuch meetha hojaye. Gift Em away the chocolates! That will definitely make them smile. Add a note, or a cute handmade card and you’re sorted.  This is like you escape plan-2.😜

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