Event Date: 1st August 2018

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM

Location and Venue: TajBanjara, Hyderabad, India

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Who are the keynote speakers?

Speakers include 20+ leading product leaders and professionals like

  • HeenaRaval, Senior Director, CA Technologies
  • RavuriNIranjan, Founder, and CEO,
  • KarthiSubbaraman, Chief Product Officer, Xperian

About the Event

This is a unique conference giving project managers new insights into the tools and knowledge to excel at the workplace on Product management and Marketing beyond the usual networking. Product Leaders Forum(PLF) is a non-profit which is volunteer driven and is a truly global movement with chapters in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Silicon Valley.

They bring together diverse perspectives and provide a platform for Product Leaders to get deeper insights, opportunities for hands-on training and form networks for learning from their peers. They help build product leaders and provide a product thinking forum which helps in connecting and networking with suitable peers & mentors.

Every year the PLF is organized at different cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad providing unique opportunities for aspiring Product Leaders. It provides a connecting point for networking with other product leaders and helps enhance skill sets through workshops and other activities.

PLF has various initiatives like the following:

  • PLF Prime
  • PLF Incubate
  • PLF Ignite
  • PLF Connect
  • PLF Showcase
  • PLF Elite
  • PLF Share

Agenda of the PLF forum

  • An introduction to the Product Leaders Forum
  • Discussions on topics like ‘Building Global Products from India’
  • PLF Mentor Connect – A product thinking forum to connect peers and mentors
  • A Panel Discussion on ‘Product Management and Entrepreneurship’
  • Workshops like Data Science for knowledge enhancement
  • Product Networking by T-Hub

Who should attend the Product Leaders Forum?

  • Product Managers, TechnologyMarketers, Business Leaders
  • Engineering Leads, Project/ Program Managers, Architects
  • Entrepreneurs, Intrepreneurs

What are the benefits of attending this event?

  • This gives you exposure to the best practices involved in product management and also help in building long-lasting peer networks.
  • Understand the how vs. why of product execution better and how to apply your knowledge for better product roadmaps and decision making
  • Understand and learn from inspiring intrepreneurs and from senior entrepreneurs how they took up innovative practices in product management
  • Get access to the necessary tools and knowledge for Product Management and Marketing
  • Up to 5 workshops and over 300+ attendees for networking

How to register for this event?

There are three choices for registration. The tickets can be booked via Mera Events or Townscript. First, you need to go here to select from them.

  • The pro-delegate is the most preferred way of registration with full conference pass and access to all features including mentor connect.
  • Organizations which want to send more employees can opt for the corporate passes which include up to 5 Elite Passes.
  • Registration for Delegate-Early Bird ended on August 15th while it is continuing for other choices till August 31st.

Are there any discounts when you register now?

There is a massive discount for HYSEA members of up to 50% when you register through here.
Besides this, the Corporate passes provide the highest ROI as you get five elite passes for the event at the lowest prices per head. The Early Bird discount could be availed by those who registered before or on August 15th.

Volunteer Sign-Up

For opting to be a volunteer, sign here.

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