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Have you ever imagined yourself leaving home without your cell phone? It is a nightmare. Isn’t it? However, do you think you are not pampering your selfie machine enough by matching your outfits with it? It also might get a little difficult and too overwhelming when you look at the price you have to pay for dressing up your love. Don’t you worry; I am here at your rescue. In this article, you will find loads of information to buy affordable, yet elegant cell phone cases to sass up your look.

  • The Militant case
MIltitant case

You want to be able to hit your phone to the wall while missing your aim at your friends? Well, here is the chic, yet rough to use phone case, which you could grab on the go to aim at your targets. It will not only save your phone from the bullet but will give you a style statement. It comes with an abstract design and a subtle yet rugged look. It provides you with a hard shell and soft rubberized lining. Also, extra protection from bumps & drops. It is available at a reduced cost. So hurry up.

  • The Indie Pop Case
The Indie pop cases

Did you come across a phone case that could match almost any outfit? Well, gone are those days. I present to you www.chumbak.com, where you can find a wide range of colorful phone cases, which can hit the right note. Be is a long skirt, a maxi, a casual or a saree, name it and you can find just the right pick. A hint of Indian touch to your pop outfits will do the trick.

  • The Statement Case
The statement case

The quirk of speaking comes with expression. And how better can one express him other than in Hindi? Well, www.bewakoof.com has some amazing covers with your favorite trending phrases on them for you to boast your phone case reference every time you speak.

  • The Book Worm Case
The Book Worm Case

Are you a bibliophile? Well, then your book speaks more than you do. What’s better than having your favorite quote or character on your phone case? Well, make the nerd statement and make reading books cooler than ever with the phone case merchandize that www.flipkart.com provides you with.

  • The Party Animal Case
The Party animal case

Bling, glitter and shimmer. Do these words describe you? Oh, then you have to match your little black dress with your phone case, don’t you? I have the perfect phone case recommendation for you to get through those party gates. Once again, www.flipkart.com steals the show with its impressive collection of glittery phone cases for all the party animals out there.

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