10 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

Come December and it’s time to deck up your homes-both inside and out. Christmas is all about Santa, plum cakes, parties and of course, decorations. Here are a few ideas for DIY Christmas decorations on a budget you will love.

Festive up your home as these are as simple as they can get. And the best part, they aren’t too heavy on your pocket!

Pine Cones makeovers:

Pine cones decorations

Pine cones decorations are synonymous with Christmas. They are traditional and look beautiful when done up creatively. Unleash the artist in you and paint them as you wish or add glitter. Hang them on the Christmas tree or put them in a bowl or near your fireplace.

Shiny Christmas ball tree:

Shiny christmas ball tree

Christmas balls look cute, don’t they? You can use them to bring limitless sparkle to your home. Suspend pretty decorative balls from anywhere in your house to add that Christmassy feel and you are all set to usher in Santa.

If you have the patience, you can actually paint little Santas on these balls.

Bright Mason Jar Lights:

mason jar lights

DIY Mason Jar lights are easy and stress free. Purchase a couple of Mason jars (like these coloured ones from UrbanDazzle with special offers) and just add coloured LED lights to them. Bingo! What a beautiful sight they make. You could use all kinds of jars for this idea. Battery operated string light are available at ebay, shop with ebay coupons to get discounts.

Rainbow Christmas wreath:

Rainbow christmas wreath

Make your own colourful Christmas wreath. Use just about anything from coloured balls, leafy twigs to anything under the sun. Add a pop of colour to your room and hang it near the fireplace or your kids’ bedroom. Don’t forget to make it as colourful as possible.

Crafty paper snowflakes:   

paper snowflakes
Love snowflakes? Make your own pretty paper snowflakes and put them on your Christmas tree or even a window. You can involve the entire family in creating amazing snowflake patterns.

Don’t forget to grab some lemonade and snacks as you spend quality time with your kids creating these masterpieces!

Funky CD decorative balls:

decorative CD balls

Undoubtedly, every home has CDs tucked away in a corner waiting to land into the trash. Using a CD cutter, make decorative CD balls and hang them at home or on your Christmas tree. Sure to stun your guests with these creative balls.

And don’t miss adding some festive lights for a glistening effect.

Sparkle filled branches:

Sparkle filled branches

Who said glitter should be sophisticated? Spray some glittery paint onto crude wooden branches and give a new twist to this season’s deco. Coupled with the traditional Xmas colours of red, green and white, silver adds the much needed sparkle in a sea of white.

These branches will sure make a great contrast to the white snowy winter.

Glittery Candle Holders:

Glittery candle holders

And a little more sparkle! Be flashy with your plain candle holders.

Glitters add a great boost to any decoration and are fun elements. Add glitter to candle holders and small jars and watch them spring to life.

Snowy Bell Jars:  

Snowy bell jarsLittle stories in a jar! Use tiny bell jars and add little pieces according to your taste to pep up your table. Include a touch of snowy white glamour using salt for a snow white effect. Cute, aren’t they? You can even gift this to someone.

Elegant Wine Glass Candle Holders:

Wine glass candle holders

Check out these interesting candle holders! Just invert some wine glasses, add some deco below (it could just be anything, don your creative hats!) and use them as candle holders anywhere in your house. A beautiful creative idea to get you enough compliments. Need amazing candles? Bright Xmas candles on Amazon might be just what you are looking for!

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