10 Mind Blowing Facts About India You Never Knew

We always knew that India is awesome, didn’t we? Despite the fact that we’ve had(have and will have) a lot of problems, when it comes to defending our Motherland, we’re the best(hurray to that).

Whether it’s listening to the National Anthem, or hearing our brave soldiers fighting it out in Siachen, we get goose bumps thinking about it! Hey, while we are all misty-eyed and emotional, here’s all the more reason to feel proud of our country! When you read some of these  mind-blowing facts about India, it’s surely going to fill you with a sense of pride.

Be proud to be Indian.

Mind Blowing Facts About India

1. Floating Post Office

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Do you know India has a floating post office? Yes, we’ve heard of floating restaurants, floating palaces etc.This floating post office is found on the Dal Lake and serves the locals around. Surely, we would love to visit it.

2. Switzerland Science Day is dedicated to Abdul Kalam

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Are we recognizing our talented scientists enough? Switzerland surely is! The Switzerland National Science Day is observed on May 26th every year in honor of our Late President Abdul Kalam. This is truly mindblowing and a matter of pride for India.

3. Biggest Air Evacuation Ever was Done by India

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Most of us must be familiar with this after watching the movie Airlift. The biggest air evacuation ever, of 111000 people from Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War was carried out by India. Surely even mighty giants like the US wouldn’t be able to match this.

4. India’s first Rocket was bought on a Cycle

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We are pioneers in space-related research and missions, no doubt. But do you know the first rocket was transported to Thumba Equatorial Launching Station on a bicycle! The second one was slightly bigger and did better! It was transported on a bullock cart!

Our GSLV’s have come a long way since those days, right? An achievement we should be proud of.

5. India Never Invaded any Country

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India is one of the very few countries which did not invade any other country in any era. After all, we Indians believe in Ahimsa, don’t we? (We are not faint hearted, surely!)

But we do come from the land of the Mahatma which explains why never poked our noses into other countries’ businesses!

6. Polling station for Lone Voter

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India does take it’s citizens seriously! Every single one of them! What else could explain the bizarre reason behind having a polling booth for a single voter in the Binej area of Gir Forest?

7. The Kumbh Mela Crowd is visible from Space

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Yes, in 2011, the Kumbh Mela crowd was so huge; it could be photographed from space. That’s how we celebrate everything here, don’t we? Going over the top is our way of life, so this hardly comes as a surprise.

8. We invented the snakes and ladders

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This one is for all of us! There’s no child in India who hasn’t been addicted to snakes and ladders at one point of time in their lives. And we are the proud inventors of the game!

9. World’s Youngest Country by 2020

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By 2020, our median age will be 29! Which basically means that around half of the population will be below 35. Based on which side of the median you are, you’re bound to feel young or old.

Here’s to the success of the young crowd!

10. India is the World’s Largest Consumer of Whiskey

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India consumed more than 1.2 billion liters of whiskey in 2015.While India is the world’s largest whiskey market by volume, on a per capita basis, France takes the top spot.

Now is it something to be proud of? You decide!

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