12 Makeup Brushes You Need To Look Good and How to Use Them

Make up brushes

1. Foundation Brush

The main function of the foundation brush, is to ensure proper application of your base or foundation on the skin. High quality foundation brush will allow the foundation to blend smoothly, so you can polish the product on the skin, giving a more natural look. Use it to smooth the foundation liquid or cream free.
These 2 are the best foundation brushes you can shop online:

  • The real techniques Foundation Brush
  • The Japonesque Foundation Brush

2. Concealer brush

Concealer brush is ideal for correction spots. As the name suggests, its a brush used to even out concealers, giving the product that utmost natural look on the skin. While using a concealer brush, never try to blend. You should not move the product around, but gently pat the product on the skin to cover the area. Use a small synthetic brush to identify specific areas that need additional coverage. These brushes are easily available at stores like Nykaa, Amazon, Purplle. Nykaa and Purplle are exclusive beauty stores and often have discounts for online shoppers, With Nykaa discount offers you can save up to 10% at checkout.
Optional Usage: to Clean lipstick mess.
These 2 brushes are most famous for regular use:

  • MAC 195
  • Real techniques detailer brush

3. Angled Blush Brush

The angled blush brush allows specific application of blush. The angled shape allows it to pick up the product and dust into the cheeks very gently to make it look natural. The designs of the bristles facilitate easy application to cheekbones.
Optional usage: Apply contour powder (two shades darker than your skin shades) below the cheekbones to highlight its natural contour.
Here is the best angled blush brush:

  • Sigma F84 Kabuki Brush
  • E.L.F. angled brush

4. Powder Brush

The main function of this brush is to dust your face with dense or loose powder, without looking like a ghost. A Good powder brush allows you to adjust and change the composition on your face without removing any of the other present makeup on your skin. The Soft, long bristles make powder evenly distributed.
Optional usage: Sweep flush apple cheeks with your finger-tips.
These are 2 of the best brushes for make-up powder:

  • SUQQU face brush
  • Real techniques 100 arched Powder Brush

5. Beauty Blender


Use a sponge to smooth the product on the face. Use tip reach wrinkles around the nose and detect small areas.
Optional usage: Apply cream blush, even out heavy makeup lines, and remove excess product.
These two are the best choice for blending brush:

  • MAC 217
  • Japonesque eye shadow crease blending brush

6. Fan Brush


The bristles of the fan brushes are designed specifically for highlighting. They are expanded, so that the brush pick small amount of product, Then slightly dusted on the top of the cheekbones and other areas of the face that should be noted. It is best to go with a light hand to avoid using too much product. Use it to clean or gently apply powders.
Optional usage: Dip parts in mascara and apply on lashes to look like you are without makeup.

These are the two best fan brushes:

  • Smash-box Fan Brush
  • Fan Brush Sigma F41

7. Blending brush


Good blending brush will help to soften the hard line after applying eyeshadows. The trick for the perfect eye shadow look is to keep blending, and when you think you have blended enough, blend again to achieve perfection. Soft bristles spread the shade in the crease of the eye. A must have brush in your makeup kit if you love eye makeup, look out for discount on makeup brushes before you shop for them.
These two are the best choices in blending brushes:

  • The MAC 217
  • Japonesque eye crease brush

8. Eyeliner brush


The brush is designed to collect and deposit the required amount of product, while giving you maximum control, which probably will not be found anywhere else. The brush easily aligns Lashes with cream or gel liner or shadow.
These two are the best eyeliner brushes for good results in eye makeup application:

  • M.A.C 210 Precise eyeliner brush
  • Real technical silicone Eyeliner Brush

9. Eye shadow Brush


This brush helps to apply eye shadow using either cream or powder, smoothly and accurately on your eyelids. A good eye shadow brush will pick up a good amount of product and allow you to pack on the eyelid with minimal waste. Use eye shadow brush to apply powder and cream evenly on eye shadows.
Optional usage: Apply in the shade under the lower lash line for a smoky eye.

These two brushes are the best brand of eye shadow brushes:

  • Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush
  • Sephora Pro shadow brush

10. Kabuki Brush


This brush is perfect for mildly, applying bronzes and powders, and evenly distribute the product through the face or body.
Optional usage: even out overly obvious lines by rotating brush around the face.

11. All-over eye-shadow brushes


Use eye-shadow brush, apply powder and cream evenly.
Optional usage: Apply in the shade under the lower lash line for a smoky eye.

12. Smudge Brush


Use this option to soften the pencil for smoky eye.

Optional Usage: Target the area around the eyes, such as inside and outside corners and brow bones, when applying intense pigment.

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