6 Tips To Save On School Supplies

School Supplies

May is almost coming to an end and its time for the kids to get ready for school with their backpacks on! A new class, new subjects, new teachers and when everything else is new, the kids will definitely want to have new school supplies as well. School supplies are the only things that get them excited about going to school but you cant let their excitement make you go out of budget! So here are 6 tips to help you save on school supplies:

  1. Grab It First

Grab soonIf you are planning to buy the school supplies on the very last day on maybe say 2-3 days before the school reopens, then you are highly mistaken! This will make you pay extra bucks for any item that you purchase as school supplies tend to be in high demand and so the prices get hiked. Purchase them during off-season sales when the demand is low so that you get them at nominal rates.

  1. The More The Better

more the betterWhatever you buy, buy in bulk. If you want to buy pens, then instead of buying few of them and thinking of buying them again later when needed, buy it all together in bulk during off-season sales as the prices are low and you are sorted for the year. Do the same with other necessary stationery as well. Also, some stores offer great discounts when buying in bulk.

  1. Reuse The Old Stuff

ReuseLook back in your closets and drawers and you’ll definitely find some old stuff that you bought with complete intentions of using it but then you just forgot about them! Reuse those old empty notebooks, crayons, pencils etc. and save some bucks!

  1. Pass It On

Donate booksThere’s no harm in passing on the supplies to your younger kids that were used by your elder ones if are in good condition. Water bottles, lunch boxes, craft items etc. can be easily used again if they are fit to use. Also, you can buy books from second-hand stores if the syllabus hasn’t changed and if the books are in good condition. If there is not much age gap between your kids, then you can also use textbooks for you elder kids, provided syllabus remains the same.

  1. Use The Cards

use cardsCertain credit cards offer discounts and cash back offers in departmental stores like the SBI Simply Save Credit Card offers 10 reward points on spending Rs.100 in departmental stores that accept VISA cards or MasterCards. Also, a lot of supplies are available on online shopping sites at low costs and offers. Certain coupons can also be used for these.

  1. Don’t Spoil Them

Parents and kidsIts hard to say NO to your kids especially with the adorable face they make when they need something from you, but you need to be little strict. You don’t always have to fulfill all the demands especially if you are running low on your budget. Make them understand that sometimes they’ll have to adjust and compromise on certain things.

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