Amazing Google Search Functions You Never Knew About


Google is the official Guru, the mother of all search engines! Here’s why.

Just type out any query in the world, and you will get your answers. But thought Google was just a search engine which bought you stuff from across sites? You’ll be surprised – it’s a BIG no. Here we bring you some amazing Google functions which you wouldn’t even have heard about. Have fun reading, and implementing them, of course!

Uses of Google Search

1.Mathematical Sums

Stumped in Maths? Just type 10 + 20 into your Google Search Box and watch for the result! Wait! Think Google is like a first grader solving simple Math sums? No, it can even solve complex equations!

gmass (1)

Stunning, right?

2. Surprise Your Love

Google has a great sense of humor. Afraid to propose your love to someone? Just ask them to enter this complex equation in the Google Search Box which will show your feelings for them. That’s what we call super cute!

sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5


3.Movie Timings

Want to catch up on the latest movies but too lazy to browse for tickets? Don’t worry, Google to your rescue! Just type ‘showtimes: movie name’ and you can check out all the movie theaters and show timings. Now that’s some serious competition to the likes of BookMyShow.


4.Find related websites

Need to find a related site to any website? Simple, just type ‘’ , remember no spaces and you can find all related and competitor sites.


5.Find Definitions

Put aside your thesaurus, encyclopedia or any reference guides. Just  type the define keyword and your query and you get the definition immediately. Similarly, you can also find synonyms, meanings etc using ‘synonym: word’ and the like.


Google just seems the Jack of All Trades, right?

6.Play with Google Gravity

This isn’t exactly a Google creation, but nevertheless, you will have fun! Feeling bored? Just type ‘Google Gravity’ and click on the first link that appears. Have fun as Google just goes down and play with the pieces 😀

google (1)

7.Check Flights

Want to know immediate details about a flight you just booked? No need to panic! Just enter the Airlines name followed by the flight number! And straightaway you will get all the required details. I was really stunned by this one, I know you will be too.


8.Barrel Roll

 Google isn’t just a dull search engine! We bet you already know that now, don’t you? It’s actually fun too. Just follow these steps! Type any search query in Google and check the results. Now in the same search box, just enter “Do a barrel roll” and check. Fun, we say!


9.Zerg Rush

Just try it yourselves, folks. Go to the Search Box and type ‘Zerg Rush’ and …. We scoot!


Have fun trying these and never forget ever, Google is your best friend ever!

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