DIY Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smoky eyes

Do you want a stunning smokey eye look without spending an hour at the mirror or at the saloon? Getting dressed up doesn’t have to make you stressed out. There’s an easy way to get the makeup look you want without all the hassle other women go through. This smokey eye tutorial will have you looking great in mere minutes!

  • Apply makeup primer. First things first – you need to make sure your makeup lasts and doesn’t end up smudging and giving you raccoon eyes. Primers make the eyeshadow stick to your eyelids so that the granules don’t shift around or smush.
  • Choose your colors wisely. A smokey eye can be done strictly with black eyeliner and eyeshadow, but playing up your eyes with a bit of color and lighter shades can create a magical effect. You’ll want black for the base shade that will go directly on your eyelid. Bronze and light beige make great complimentary colors for any skin tone, but you can choose any color to highlight as long as it blends well.
  • Apply base color to eyelid. This works best when using an eyeshadow pencil. Using powder can be messy and will usually end up dusting your cheeks and clothing, especially if it contains glitter (the powder doesn’t hold together as well). Cream eyeshadows will stick immediately and have a mess-free application process.
  • Apply highlights. You’ll need at least one other color aside from your base eyeshadow. Two highlighting colors are pretty standard; for this smokey eye look, we’ll use a dark shade of bronze and a neutral beige. Apply the bronze in the crease of your eyelid and blend outwards, along with the base color. Next, apply the beige to your brow bone and blend toward the crease. Make sure you get rid of any harsh lines so that your smokey eye doesn’t end up looking like a cat eye.
  • Add a touch of glitter. Gold really glitzes up this look, so apply a bit of it in a thin line along your bottom eyelid. This makes the color in your eyes pop as they reflect against the gold. You can also use silver if you’ve chosen grey or blue highlighting colors, but don’t mix silver with bronze in this case. It looks tacky and mismatched.
  • Line your eyes. For the big finale, line your eyes with the darkest eyeliner in your makeup arsenal. It adds definition to the eyes and gives you an incredibly intense look, but nothing too over the top. Onyx eyeliner is the best for a smokey eye look, so if you have it, use it. Be careful not to make the corners too sharp, but if you happen to make your eyeliner too pointy, simply use your blending brush to tone it down.

There are lot of smokey eyeshadow kits available, we recommend you to shop online for lot of variety, there are online beauty portals like purplle, Nykaa, Luxola. Nykaa has this product wise coupons so when you shop apply Nykaa coupons to save on the purchased products. The only thing left to do is figure out which lipstick to pair this look with. We suggest something in the range of nude or beige.You want your eyes to be the focus, and anything but neutral lip colors will detract from them. After you put your lipstick on, you’re ready to go!


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