Eight Fun Things To Do While You’re In Mumbai

Isn’t a visit to Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’ on every Indian’s agenda? Mumbai or ‘Bombay’ as is affectionately called by most, is a city you must not just visit, but experience. There’s a certain buzz in the air, a vibrancy which only a true Mumbaikar can explain. While any visit will make you try the usual attractions, here are some fun things to do in Mumbai, which are a must-try!

1)Celebrity House Spotting

Live your teenage-fan days! Mumbai is the home to one of the biggest movies industries in the world-Bollywood! Like them, hate them, but you just can’t ignore them! Try spotting a Bollywood celebrity or spy their homes in upbeat locations like Bandra. It is so much fun!

Watch out for Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat
• Keep an eye out for Jalsa(Big B)
• Want to spot your fav stars? Visit the famous Film City. (You can see cool sets like Bajirao Mastani! Wow!!)

2) Shopping on the streets of Colaba

Shopping in Colaba

Shopping on the streets of Mumbai is one of the most entertaining things you can do! The Colaba causeway is the right place to do it! Shop for any artefacts like clay pots or a mariner’s compass right here. Never forget to bargain till you are exhausted!

• You will love the Victorian style buildings here.
• Try vintage cafes and bars at Colaba unaffected by Mumbai’s globalization and still exuding old world charm.

3) Evening walk on Marine Drive

Evening walk in MArine drive (2)
Want to have a moment of introspection just like Munnabhai (of MBBS fame)? Just take an evening stroll along Marine Drive! Bollywood loves it and so do we. Marine Drive by night is a scene straight out of heaven and you should definitely check it out!

• After a stroll, check into the Bade Miyan restaurant for a delicious tikka and complete your day.
• Nariman Point is ideal to enjoy the sunset and watch water splash on the shore.

4) A visit to Chor Bazaar

chor bazar
Right from filmy posters to Aladin’s genie lamp(just kidding, it’s the antique lamps) check out anything you want at Chor Bazaar. It’s a place for beautiful nothings.

Be wary of your wallets and belongings, though!

5)A joy ride over Mumbai


Yes, you can do this too! Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the glamorous city without worrying about traffic. Take in a scenic view of Mumbai’s iconic places from the Gateway of India to the Bandra-Worli sealink.

IRCTC is providing these fun rides called “Mumbai Darshan by Air” through helicopter services.
• It begins at Juhu Aerodrome and costs around Rs.2955 per head but depends on the route. You can book at the irctctourism site.
• A 15-minute Mumbai Darshan Helicopter Ride for Rs. 5400 is also available from Yagyna Avaiation Pvt. Ltd.

6) Evening drive on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Night drive in BAndra worli sea link

Watch Mumbai flaunt its own skyline as you drive on the Bandra-Worli link by the orange sunset. It will be windy and fresh and one of your best drives, ever!

Best time for a drive will be midnight 12 AM.

7) Trek to HarishChandraghad


One of the most underrated adventure activities in Mumbai! The city’s proximity to the Shayadris make it an ideal trekking spot. Just a three hour drive and you will exclaim in wonder for sure!

  • Try trekking at these famous places close to nature – Harishchaandragaud, Naneghat, Alang Madan.
  • The view is mindblowing – don’t miss it if you love trekking.

8) Visit ChurchGate to watch the Dabbawalas

Visit the dabbawalas (1)

Visit Churchgate at 12 noon and watch the dabbawalas sort their tiffins with clockwork precision. These guys are said to have a zero error rate and make one mistake in eight million deliveries. Mind blowing, isn’t it? They are friendly and you can take pictures of them to capture the memory.

Besides these there are amazing cycling and rafting trips you can make. Sites like goibibo offer you flight tickets to Mumbai at great deals. Make sure you avail them and don’t miss out on all these fun things to do at Mumbai.

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