Father’s Day Special: 8 Reasons Why Your Dad Will Always be Your Superhero

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Here’s Why we Look Forward to Father’s Day!

Every Dad is a child’s first superhero. A girl often chooses her partner who is similar in character to her father because for her, he’s always the perfect man. After all, she is his little miss sunshine. Boys worship their Dad too, no doubt!

The way a Dad makes you smile and walks you down the aisle(for daughters), goes to matches with you and so on! There are so many special reasons you should thank your father and give him a hug this Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, say a big ‘Thank You’ to your amazing Dad. Also here are a few reasons we feel why Dads will always be our Superhero throughout life.

Father’s Day – A Few Reasons why Dad is always your Super Hero

Dad is our greatest inspiration and the one who teaches us to aim for the stars. It’s his strong words of wisdom that takes us to great heights.

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Dad teaches us to appreciate the little joys of life. Whether it’s making a surprise cake for mom or getting wet in the rain, he sure knows how to please!


Our playmate, partner in crime, Dad is a sporting hero. Cricket, football, swimming- you can always count on him.


Dad’s shoulders are the safest place on Earth. Need we say more?


He inspires us to be independent and make a mark. After all, being fiercely independent and taking your own decisions are extremely important to make you a confident individual, and it’s his own example we follow.


A shoulder to cry on, Dad’s patient ears make him a best friend for life. Non-judgmental, kind and a keen listener, there’s no other place where your secrets will be safe.


He taught us the important lesson of rising, falling and rising again. The best lesson of our lives!


Adventure is in your blood when Dad tags along. You explore, you seek and conquer when Daddy dearest is around.


This is the reason, whether it’s Father’s Day or any other day, you can safely say, “My Daddy Strongest”. Here’s to all the witty, cool and awesome Dads.

And don’t forget to get your father some amazing gifts. Check out sites like Ferns and Petals which provide amazing Father’s Day coupons and offers to make his day special.  Watch out this space for more on Father’s Day specials.

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