Holi Hai! Online Stores Where You Can Buy Organic Holi Colours

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The words ‘Holi Hai!’ are going to reverberate in every nook and corner soon. Holi the festival of not just colours, but also fun, joy and happiness will soon be knocking on our doors. The festival’s peppiness, which gives rise to some valid mischief, is looked forward to every summer. The hugs, the smearing of gulaal and dancing is going to mend all fences and create life long bond with near ones.

How to enjoy a safe Holi? Here’s a simple step-by-step plan.

  • Protect Yourself First (Apply Moisturizer, hair oil, nail paints etc.)
  • Dress Right
  • Play Away(Always be careful not to hurt others)
  • Scrub up (Use moisturizers, face wash, mild shampoos, conditioners and cleansers)
  • Clean Up (Use brushes, mops, pipes etc.)

All this fun is possible only with the best Holi essentials, right? Right from colours, to clothes and pichkaris, buy all you need to make this Holi a complete celebration of joy and togetherness. Where do we buy non harmful colours in a jiffy, do you ask? Online, of course!

We have rounded up some sites which offer organic holi colours and added a few interesting Holi trivia as we mention them.  Read on to learn more.

1. Amazon

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Get the best natural colours this Holi from Amazon. The best part is that the colours are 100% organic, there’s no trace of chemicals in them. These colours are made from herbs, agricultural produce, food crops, fruit and vegetable extracts, flowers, etc. They are absolutely safe and healthy!

Go for it to indulge in guilt free celebrations in which even little children can enjoy. After all, Holi is the only day guys can have fun with their female counterparts pouring water, dancing away etc. without a worry 🙂 . Some other best Holi offers include offers on clothes, pichkaris and gemstones in different colours.

A pack of 5 colours of herbal powders cost Rs.270.

2. Snapdeal

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Looking for ideas for Holi snacks for your party? Why not give a twist to your dishes with innovations like Bhaang ki pakori and baked kachoris. Just Google the recipes and you can wow your guests. For the rest, you can count on Snapdeal.

Snapdeal has come up with amazing Holi essentials. Just like the points we listed above, they have an exhaustive stock of every single item needed this Holi. So it’s only natural they have organic colours too. You can get 100% organic colours and have the time of your life.

3 Big Basket

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Holi always reminds me of childhood when we fought over who has the best pichkaris, sprayed water at others and caught them off guard. It felt like a powerful weapon at hand taking the opposite person by surprise with a coloured jet of water.

Live your childhood dream again! Buy colourful pichkaris and herbal colours at BigBasket. And the best part, all your deliveries will be available within 24 hours. So this is your best bet if you are looking forward to some last minute Holi purchases. When you shop from Big Basket, you can avail a lot of exciting offers from them.

Each pack of herbal colours is available at Rs.73 each.

4. Flipkart

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Holi is no doubt loved since it is one of those festivals which removes class differences and brings people of all backgrounds together. It symbolises brotherhood and is much needed in these uncertain times. Do you know that Holi has been officially declared a holiday in Pakistan’s Sindh region for the first time? This is what we mean by bringing people together.

This year, Flipkart is providing Holi colours which are made 100% natural from dried flowers, turmeric, beetroot etc.

They are nominally priced at Rs.349 per pack of 10 colours.

5. Organic Shop

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Do you know, in Vrindavan and Mathura, Holi is celebrated in glory of the divine love of Radha and Krishna. Sweet, isn’t it?

Celebrate Holi for love this year from Organic Shop. The name is indicative by itself! It’s a one stop shop for all organic products and this includes Holi colours as well. Buy natural, herbal Holi colors and gulal which are 100% skin safe, non toxic, chemical free and environmental friendly.

100 gms pack are available at Rs.100.

There are many other stores like eBay, Shopclues etc. offering organic colours. You can also make Holi purchases from them and party hard this year.

Let us know how your Holi celebrations took off in the comments below.

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