How Indian Brands Have Real Fun With April Fool’s Day Pranks

While big names across the world like Google have their share of fun playing April Fool Pranks, can our Indian brands be far behind? We bring you some of the pranks played by our very own Indian brands on this interesting day and you can have fun reading them. Enjoy a hearty laugh!

April Fool’s Day Pranks by Indian Brands

1.Ola Cabs

ola air (1)

Last year, Ola had come with a new launch called Ola Air promising a chopper ride for Rs.499. Customers were super excited by the offer and soon Ola was flooded with requests. The announcement was made in Ola blogs and was downright hilarious.

This year, Ola has come up with a new concept ‘Ola Rooms’ and it somehow smells of an April Fool Prank.

ola rooms

It claims to be “A revolutionary new service that allows you to spend a comfortable night in one of our many cabs across the country.” Your cab gets converted into a room at just Rs.249 per night!

Hmm.. let’s wait and watch on this one!


jabong (2)

This simple trick of Jabong this 2016 will invoke a few laughs. Nothing complicated, yet takes you by surprise! Just go to the Jabong home page and you ‘Get 100%’. When you wonder what exactly is 100% – discount, cashback or some offer, and click on it you get the answer

Go for 100% Fresh Arrivals it is! Ok, you got quite a few of us …..disappointed Jabong!


paytm (4)

100% cashback on iPhone 6s? Yes that’s the stunning offer you get from Paytm. Just click on their link and…Boom!


Of course, you don’t have to be all disappointed as the code can help you get 4% cashback on recharge of Rs.200. (Promo code: PAYTMLOVE). You can check out other Paytm offers for this month and rest assured, they will not fool you 🙂 .


chetan bagat

Flipkart is making a big announcement-an EQ based smartwatch @ Rs.999. The device is said to  help you boost your confidence, overcome inhibitions and improve emotional intelligence. Somehow, it looks like a  very lame April Fool’s joke as this tweet proves.

pooja gupta

5. Yatra

yatra (1)

Last year, Yatra had a contest starting with – “I want to go to outer space because – “ …Well the contest did have two winners but they had to be content with their outer space experience limited to Interstellar DVDs.

6. Freecharge

In 2015, FreeCharge launched its revolutionary new product, BuzzKill – a mobile app to kill mosquitoes. The brand is yet to release two more products – BuzzKill pro, BuzzKill SDK. Mosquitoes had a gala time knowing it was an April Fool’s prank. (Just kidding!).



Cleatrip is offering ‘hotels for pets’. While we actually believed them, you realize it’as a prank only when you see pet choices like ahem…alligators, chicken, camels etc. Good one by Cleartrip!

Let us know if you were tricked by any more Indian brand. We would love to hear about it.

April Fool’s Day Deal

In the meantime, Zoppers- The Hyper local market app has come up with a ‘Fool Proof’ Sale. Get up to cashback of Rs.3000 on any product you might order.

Ten lucky winners will get their orders for FREE. A worthy offer indeed!

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