Tips on Saving Money With Uber on NYE

How to get an Uber on NYE ?uber coupons

On the New Year’s Eve, everyone is in a hurry to get places to have a memorable night.  The night of New Year’s is probably the day where Uber cars are most in demand. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai, there is going to be a lot of competition for Uber rides. Due to which there would be a lot of traffic and hard to find a parking spot and everyone would want to party and so nobody wants to be the designated driver.

But however it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an Uber ride, or that it would be priced extremely high. Uber is trying to make it easier for you by pushing their drivers on an extra mile to encourage them to drive on New Year’s Eve, by providing them with an extra incentive as well to do so. So the chances are that driver’s might end up earning a big profit by driving on NYE, so they might not want to miss the opportunity.

The demand graph will vary according to the time of the night, it will first peak up at 9pm, which is when everyone wants to get to their respective venue. Uber will aim to send their drivers emails and texts to drive on this night. There will be a dip from 10-12 in the midnight as everyone would be at the party waiting for the countdown. The next peak will arise at 1:30 or later when the party goers want to call it a night. And on this night Uber believes there would be the most demand for a cab ride.

How you can avoid a high priced ride on New Years Eve :

  1. As a new rider, you can sign up with a Uber promo code SPINDIA50 for first time users and get your first ride free for upto Rs. 50 OFF for your first 3 rides.
  2. Time yourself smartly, leave for your party a bit early like around 7:30pm or later like around 11pm to avoid any traffic or hiked up prices during the peak time.
  3. Also while returning chose an alternative route, or leave later in the night that is less probable to be traffic, so start around 2am or later.
  4. Make sure to check your fare estimate before you confirm your booking to get a rough idea of an approximate cost of your ride.
  5. Go as a group and split the cost with your friends. The Uber app will provide that option or you can just divide it yourself.

And at last, have a fun and safe night, bidding adieu to 2016 and welcoming the new year with a blast. Happy New Year!

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