India Ranks 118 in the World’s Happiest Countries List-Here’s How to Stay Happy


The official list of the world’s happiest countries is here! The top ten happiest countries in the world are:

  1.               Denmark
  2.               Switzerland
  3.               Iceland
  4.               Norway
  5.               Finland
  6.               Canada
  7.               Netherlands
  8.               New Zealand
  9.               Australia
  10.               Sweden

Wondering where India ranks? The answer is only going to prove this poll. You will be sad ( 🙁 ) to know that India ranks a lowly 118 among 157 countries. Even Ethiopians are happier than us. And we always thought we were happy, didn’t we? This ranking was decided, taking into account complex factors like ethics, mental health, economics, subjective well-being and much more.

Let’s make sure we are not those unhappy folks in the next poll!

Here are some tips on how to stay happy in life, no matter what happens.

1. Don’t take Yourself too Seriously


This is the key to happiness. Never think of yourself as imperfect. Laugh at your flaws and if someone gives you a ton of advice over how careless you are, just make a joke out of that too.

Happy people believe that any glitch in life will work itself out!

2. Don’t Compare

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Don’t compare yourself with others! Everyone’s experiences in life are different and you don’t know what the other person is going through. If you are compared to someone who is considered better than you, just laugh at them.

3. Stay in the Company of Happy People


Happy people will make you happy! Do not stay in the company of people who constantly crib and complain. The key to happiness is surrounding yourself with positivity. Hangout with spontaneous, funny and happy people.

4.Be grateful for what you have


Saying a small thank you is going to cost you nothing. Always make it a habit to be grateful for what you have. This will negate any bitter thoughts you have. But do not give up on what you have not attained. Go for it, with a positive mindset and that is possible only if you are grateful.

5.Take care of your health

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An unhealthy body cannot be the home of a very happy mind. It is important that you understand the strong link between physical health and mental happiness. So always make sure you take care of your body and mind. If you are fit and healthy, you are likely to exude positive energy.

6.Don’t hold on to resentment

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Why is it so difficult to forgive?  Try to let go of people who have wronged you, it will only help you feel better, not them. If you can’t forgive, at least stop thinking about it day and night, and move on.

That’s all it takes to be happy!

Follow these simple tips and who knows, next year we might be on top of the list. For more tips on how to stay happy, check out this book ‘Happiness Unlimited: How to be happy – always!‘ available on Amazon. You can buy them at the best deals using coupons available for discounts on books.

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