11 Indian Instagram Travel Accounts You Need To Follow

Indian Instagram travel accounts that will make you backpack and quit your studies/jobs.

Check out these 11 Indian travel Instagram accounts and become a wanderlust.

1. Rufus Reynolds aka Ramu Kaka

This guy is the founder of the account streets.of.india on Instagram and is a constant wanderer which we can clearly see in this posts.

His pictures become special and make us want to live those pictures, though they are of the simple people and places, the way his camera captures them.

2. Rishi aka The.Indian.Traveller

An engineer by profession. What every engineer does is do engineering from college, get a job.

But this guy, what never stopped him was his passion for photography. He clicks pictures not just for sake but for his interest towards travelling and exploring himself.

3. Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi, pictures are a world of colors, and you can’t help yourself to fall deeper and deeper into them.

4. Nilima Vallangi aka Nimilav

The perfection in Neelima Vallangi’s photos makes you give up everything and look out her whole Instagram account as a stalker or something. Her pictures will inspire you to indulge by travelling to those exotic locales.

5. Radha Swami

Radha Swami, a contributor to NatGeo, reflects a sense of peace in most of this photos as you scroll down his Instagram account.

6. Swapnil aka Satanssj

Here’s another engineer who is fond of clicking the dope pictures. This guy made the passion for photography his career, work of life and clicks everything he finds magnificent which indeed builds an impression on the viewer.

7. Anurag Banerjee

Anurag Banerjee, a Mumbaikar focuses on giving a black and white feel and makes them look like vintage and classic and exploring the sentiments only these two colors can intimate.

8. India Pictures

Showcasing the photographs from India in a pleasing way which are collected from different feeds.

9. Abhinav Chandel aka Abhiandnow

“My parents were rich, both of them were working, we had a big house and cars. I always received whatever I asked for, and I was studying in the best of schools in Kullu. I was good at studies, until all the luxuries started making me feel like I was a king’s son. Which lead me to all sorts of bad habits, I got into a wrong company, and was addicted to drugs. And today I couldn’t even remember anything for long, because of all the charas I ended up smoking while growing up in school days.” . “I slowly started losing interest in studies, my friends were goons, or people who made me lose all my interest in studies, and all I did was to smoke up all the time.” . “What happened then?” . “I lost my mother, and the girl I loved on the same day. While my mother passed away, that girl left me because of who I had become. And soon after, my dad remarried, and all this brought me to a point, where I was depressed until one day I realised where I had led myself to.” . “It has been almost a decade since I’m driving a taxi, I spent sometime in narcotics rehabilitation center, got rid of all my friends, but I now have memory issues due to addiction.” . “But today I’m at a better place, I have a wife and a little daughter, she goes to nursery school and now recites four poems, and I’m going to give her everything she asks for, she can do whatever she wants in life and I’ll make sure she gets everything as long as she doesn’t become an addict like me. Which is also a reason I don’t want a son, I think he’ll become a rogue like me. But I’m very happy with my daughter, she’s all I want, and she’s the reason I’m going to work hard.” . “Looking back I think if I hadn’t become an addict, I would’ve been an officer instead of a taxi driver, but I’ll make sure my daughter follows a responsible path.” . “I hope so.” . #ConversationsFromSpiti . . . For those who’ve followed my previous conversations series from Kashmir and Kullu, this is another one, where I’ll be presenting my conversations with the people of Spiti, giving an insight into their daily life.

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“Great Picture” + “Great Caption” = “Perfecto”.  Abhinav Chandel not only captures pictures, but also poems and stories on the road.

10. NatGeo Traveller India

NatGeo Traveller India’s Insta feed is must follow for every enthusiastic traveller. From plants and animals to landscapes and people, it shows us different features of the country in a click.

11. Discover NH

📍Bikaner | Rajasthan – The Land of Kings!! ・・・ Prior to the mid 15th century, the region that is now Bikaner was a barren wilderness called Jangladesh. In 1488 Rao Bika established the city of Bikaner. According to James Tod, the spot which Bika selected for his capital, was the birthright of a Nehra Jat, who would only concede it for this purpose on the condition that his name should be linked in perpetuity with its surrender. Naira, or Nera, was the name of the proprietor, which Bika added to his own, thus composing that of the future capital, Bikaner. Rao Bika was the first son of Maharaja Rao Jodha of the Rathor clan, the founder of Jodhpur and conquered the largely arid country in the north of Rajasthan. As the first son of Jodha he wanted to have his own kingdom, not inheriting Jodhpur from his father or the title of Maharaja. He therefore decided to build his own kingdom in what is now the state of Bikaner in the area of Jungladesh. Though it was in the Thar Desert, Bikaner was considered an oasis on the trade route between Central Asia and the Gujarat coast as it had adequate spring water. Bika’s name was attached to the city he built and to the state of Bikaner (“the settlement of Bika”) that he established. Bika built a fort in 1478, which is now in ruins, and a hundred years later a new fort was built about 1.5 km from the city centre, known as the Junagarh Fort. -Caption: Wikipedia -Photo by: Tim Robinson ・・・ Use #DiscoverNH Follow @discovernh

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Last but the most outrageous Instagram you’ll fall in love with travelling. Feed full of the dopest pictures across the country.

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