Try These 10 Easy and Fun Ways to Lose Weight

You know the quick and easy ways of losing weight right! After all, who doesn’t? The problem is that we are either too lazy or lack motivation. Of course, you also know all kinds of GM modified diets, quick weight loss plans don’t work out for you. So how do you lose weight at all? Follow these fun ways to lose weight; They are a combination of fun, easy and do-able. You can always thank us later when you see the difference  😀 .

1) Swing around in Hula Hoops


We’re not kidding when we say hula hoops for weight loss! Do you know you can lose 600 calories in an hour using Hula Hoops? What’s more, you can do it in the privacy of your room or have fun with friends. Just play some music and let the fun begin. Get the hourglass figure you always wanted!

Tip: Beginners go for a heavier hoop which stays in place while experienced ones can go for lighter hoops which are difficult to rotate.

2) Zoom around in skates

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Skating is something we’ve all enjoyed despite tripping over several times and nearly breaking our bones. Not only do your muscles become strong, you get a strong heart as well! That’s a double bonus. Plus guys, skating helps shed 500 calories an hour.

Tip: Go skating early morning to benefit from the less polluted environment and the morning rays.

3) Frisbee for the fun element


If you thought Frisbee is for beaches and picnics, you couldn’t be more wrong. Indulge in some fun Frisbee matches with your friends at a nearby park. Or you could take a dog along if you have one. All the throwing, catching and diving really does help your body!

Remember a 30 minute game can help you lose around 100 calories.

4) Try the Masala Bhangra Workout 


Sounds fun, right? We were curious too and checked out what it was! Well, its actually a combination  of Bhangra moves with Bollywood steps. And the best part is, its very popular in the West and it’s slowly inching its way to India.

It’s fun, peppy and can be customized according to age. The best way to dance your way to weight loss with some jhatka moves!

Tip: To find the latest Masala Bhangra Instructor near you, check out sites like Nearbuy.

5) Zumba for a Fit You


This is the most popular weight loss regime among the youth. Zumba is Latin inspired, taking steps from Latin Dance styles like Merengue, Salsa etc. The Zumba tagline is ‘Party Yourself into Shape’ which explains the fun element in this weight loss program.

So what are you waiting for? Check out your nearest Zumba class today.

6) Walk 45 minutes a day, not 30


Our normal tendency is to walk for half an hour every day. However, a study by Britain’s Duke University suggests that a 30 minute walk might prevent weight gain but a brisk 45 minute walk will aid in fat and weight loss.

Tip: This sounds great, especially since the study says you don’t even have to restrict your diet this way. I would do this any day if I can have my slice of pizza.

7) Watch One Hour Less TV


Now, we know that most of us are ultimate couch potatoes! How can we miss the latest match, The Game of Thrones episode and Discovery Channel? (For the nerdy ones). But experts say, watch your TV, but cut it down by an hour on holidays. Now, that sure is sensible advice as TV watching tends to add to weight issues.

8) Order smallest portion of foods


Never miss your favourite restaurant food. After all, we do deserve the indulgence once in a while, right? But know what, cut down on the portion. There’s no need to order for a large biryani when you go out with your friend, just buy a regular one. And trust me, even your friend will thank you for it.

9) Eat fruits instead of fruit juices


For the calories in one carton of apple juice, you can enjoy an apple, orange, and some grapes. These whole foods provide fibre and will keep you satisfied  than that box of apple juice, so you’ll eat less overall.

10) Have One Social Outing a Week


If your idea of ‘me-time’ is to curl up with your laptop or mobile, think again! Pass on the movies and screen the views of a local park instead. Not only will you sit less, but you’ll be saving calories because you won’t chomp down on that bucket of popcorn. Ideas include a nature walk, a cricket match or a visit to the beach. Provides for some great bonding as well.

You can always keep track of fitness using fitness devices. Stores like Flipkart offer exclusive coupons for fitness devices and you can always invest in your health this way.

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