UberEats Promo Code for Free Meal or Discount in India

UberEats on demand food delivery app recently started it’s service in India. At present serving only Mumbai and will very soon expand it’s operations to other cities.

UberEats promo code for Mumbai Users

Get ₹75 off on your first two UberEATS orders with promo code- EATSHC150

Get 33% off on your first 2 UberEATS orders with promo code- EATSHC100

Frequently asked questions

How to Download UberEats App?

UberEat App is available on App store for iPhone users and Play store for Android users.

How to Signup for UberEats?

If you are an existing Uber user,  use same logins else register as new user.

How to Apply UberEats Promo Code to get Discount?

  1. Download the App
  2. Tap on profile icon on the screen
  3. Tap on promotions
  4. Apply UbeEats Coupon EATNOW50 and unlock Rs 50 discount on next 5 orders
  5. Discount will be applied when you place the order

What are the mode of payment?

As of now paytm is the only mode of payment.

Instructions to link paytm account

  1. Tap profile icon on the screen tap on payment
  2. Link your existing paytm account
  3. If you don’t have paytm account, create one in seconds
  4. Top up the account with wallet balance
  5. GO cashless when you place an order with UberEats

How to use UberEats referral code?

  1. Once you login to the app, you referral code will at the free meal section of the profile.
  2. Share your reerral code with family/friends. they can Flat Rs. 100 discount on first order placed through UberEats.
  3. You get Rs.100 promo code which can be applied to your next order.
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