Weirdest Things Outlawed Around The World

Weirdest things, the world is filled up with many of them.😄

The U.S. is not the only country that has imposed a ban on some weird stuff. From chewing gum to feeding birds.

Check out these weirdest things around the world that have been outlawed.

Feeding The Birds, Venice


Bird Feeding is illegal in Venice. You cannot feed the pigeons. If anyone violates the rules will be charged merely $700.

Chewing Gum, Singapore


Singapore prohibits the selling and the import of chewing gum, which makes its locals get their hands on gum entirely impossible. But there are exceptions for the people who are under some medical conditions and need to chew gum. This ban began in 1992 and is still in effect.

Frowning, Milan


You better take your anger in the gym or on a jog.😂 Because if you have a moody face then you’ll be in trouble in Milan. It’s legal to smile at all the times except during funerals and at the hospital. Those who break the laws will have to face a fine.

No Flip Flops, Italy


Yes, it’s a criminal offense to drive in flip flops in Italy and also lead to a fine if it results in an accident. The penalty for wearing footwear is nearly 200 euros. Noisy flip flops are also banned in Capri.

Playing Scrabble, Romania


President Nicolae in 1989 banned the game Scrabble because it deem to be evilish and overly intellectual. The banned was removed a few years later.

Ice Cream Ban, Italy


Like seriously? It’s just ice cream! In 1940 Benito Mussolini banned the sale of ice cream in Italy as it was too ‘American’. But now ice cream is just restricted after midnight in some areas of Milano, Italy.

A Fat Waistline, Japan

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In Japan, it’s illegal to be fat. The country which gave the world sumo wrestling made a strict rule in 2008, where every men over 40 years must not have a waistline more than 33.5 inches and for women over 40 35.4 inches.

No Sarcasm, North Korea

If you are travelling to North Korea, then you better keep your sarcasm out of the way. Because the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un fearing people will only agree with him ‘ironically’. Government officials apparently warned they will “not be forgiven” if they are heard being sarcastic.

No Clapping, Sydney


A school in Sydney, Australia, banned school kids from clapping but they are asked to cheer “silently” or “pull faces” so as to show respect towards teachers who are sensitive to noise. This doesn’t end here; another school outlawed hugging. This school is in Geelong West, near Melbourne.

No Dressing Like Women, Melbourne


In Melbourne, Australia, men cannot dress like women in public. This one’s an old law restricting men from wearing women’s gowns in public. But we Indians take this as jovial and rather find it funny.

Funny Faces At Dogs, Oklahoma


In the first place why would someone do this? But if you urge to, then get ready to empty your pockets lad. In Oklahoma, you can be subjected to fine or even jail if you make faces at dogs. Also in Hartford Connecticut it’s illegal to educate a dog.

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