10 Father’s Day Gifts for the Man who Has Everything


Let’s admit it, shopping for Mother’s Day is fun. We know what to get for Mom, anything from spa packages to jewellery! But shopping for Father’s Day, psssttt…we know it’s a bit drab. Ties, gifts cards, mobiles…these are the usual. Gifting Dad a hug and a letter to show how much he means to us could be the best gift ever!

But hey, a little something to surprise him would do no harm either. Something which would remind him of you when he glances at it or uses it! A custom watch, a nice pen for the Dad who loves to write and the like. Just a little thought into what will really please him will help you get him the perfect gift.

    Here’s a guide on Father’s Day gifts for the man who has everything. A perfect man! Your Dad.

    Check out our list of gifts for the modern gentleman in every father.

  1. For the gadget crazy Dad – Gadget Organiser
  2. 1 (30)

    Cocoon Organiser Case, Rs.2274,  Amazon

    Dad’s always tired organising his gadgets into place? Try the gadget organizer bag! It might not be the most glamorous, but certainly the most useful for organizing cables, phones, and cameras.

  3. Sporty Dad – Table Top Soccer 3 (35)
  4. Soccer Game, Rs.5,774, Amazon

    Is your Dad into games like soccer? Let him rule the Dad’s circle with this awesome table top soccer game. Downside? All dads will be over at your place all the time, but the fun he has is worth it J.

  5. The Well Dressed Dad – The Perfect Belt 4 (34)
  6. Armani Belt, Rs.8002, Bagittoday

    If you wanna go the practical way, for a no-nonsesnse well dressed Dad, a perfect classy belt will do the trick. After all, everyone knows how hard it is to find the perfect belt.

  7. Tech Savvy Dad – Apple Watch5 (25)
  8. Apple Watch, Rs.26,000, eBay

    Right now, this is the best fitness tracker/watch around. If your dad’s a complete Apple guy and he doesn’t own one an Apple Watch yet, the time has come to gift him one.

  9. The Classic Dad – Classic Shades and Colognefather's day gifts for the man who has everything 
  10. Ray Ban – Rs.3992, Lenskart, Brooks Brothers Cologne – Rs4991, Amazon

    The most classic cologne for the uber-cool Dad of today! Add a pair of cool shades and Dad his set to show off to his buddies about his thoughtful kid.

  11. For the Dad who Loves his drinks7 (15)
  12. Beer Jelly (Available on Amazon.com)

    Does your Dad just go ga-ga over the sight of beer? Here are newer ways to pamper him with his favourite fermented beverage – the Beer Jelly. Goes along with any kind of stuff.

  13. For the coffee addicted Dad – A coffee gift hamper8 (13)
  14. Coffee Hamper, Rs.1378, Nature’s Basket

    This one is for the caffeine addict! Nothing more refreshing than a refreshing coffee right? Your Dad will love this, trust us!

  15. Workaholic Dad – A leather briefcasefather's day gifts for the man who has everything
  16. Leather Bag,Rs.3699, Amazon

    Here’s to some swag! When he’s busy working, you feel disappointed that his attention is elsewhere. But , no longer! This smart leather bag is a practical and novel gift reminding him of you even on the go!

  17. Jetsetting Dad – Powerbank10 (8)
  18. (10000 Mah) power bank, Rs.790 , Ebay

    If he is always travelling, you surely know how important it is to keep his gadgets charged. This power bank will surely help him manage his gadgets.

  19. Gaming Dad – VR Headset father's day gifts for the man who has everything
  20. Rs.10,880(Samsung), eBay

    Dads will always be boys when it comes to gaming. Gift your Dad a VR Headset this Father’s Day. He will be in awe when he tries it out. Get him introduced to this tech wonder. Use these Ebay coupons for gadgets to get your gifts at amazing rates.

    Hope your Dad enjoys them as much as you enjoy presenting it to him. This complete’s the list of  Father’s Day gifts for the man who has everything.

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