10 Hotel Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Hotels hacks for better travelling experience are mentioned below.

1. Sign Up With Travel Apps:


Sign up with travel related booking apps but book after a day or later. Sometimes they credit you some amount as a discount so you should book.

2. Use The “Do Not Disturb” Sign for Safety


Let’s say you’re staying in a cheap hotel somewhere and don’t want to leave your important stuff alone with housekeeping, just keep the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside your door. No one will know if you are in there or not, and who needs the room cleaned every single day?

3. Make Grilled Cheese With An Iron


If you want to make a grilled cheese sandwich, wrap the bread slices with cheese in it with an aluminium foil and heat with an iron to its maximum settings. But don’t heat it for more than 60 seconds.

4. Use Microwave To Sterilize Items


Another use of the microwave oven other than cooking/heating food is you can use it to sterilize toothbrushes, dish clothes, sponges. Just moist them with water, lemon juice or vinegar and keep it in the microwave not more than a minute.

5. Use Coffeemaker To Cook


If your hotel room lacks a microwave oven then you can use the coffee maker it to make soft boiled eggs, oatmeal, instant rice, ramen noodles and more.

6. Use The Floor For Ironing Clothes


If there’s no ironing board, you can place a towel on the floor and use it for ironing your clothes.

7. Use Shower Rods To Dry Clothes


If you don’t have a washer and dryer in your hotel room, wash them in the sink. And then hang them out with hangers to dry on the shower rods.

8. To Humidify & Cool The Air Use Towels


Hang a wet towel to dry in front of an Air Conditioner in your hotel room, and this will act as an instant humidifier. Similarly, hang a wet towel in front of a fan, and you’ll have an instant air-conditioning unit.

9. Cover The Food With A Shower Cap


Before you put the food in fridge use the shower caps to cover the bowl of food.

10. Do Not Use “Clean Room” Sign


It tells everybody — including potential people up to no good — that you’re not in the room and they might misuse this opportunity.

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