5 Handy Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

It’s just blazing away already and it isn’t even May yet! It’s difficult to imagine how the heat would feel like next month. For most of us, childhood memories of summer would be holidays spent in villages with grandparents, a fun bath in the village pond, feasting on grandma’s ‘cool’ recipes like buttermilk and lassi and, playing in the cool shades of trees. While I get swept away in the nostalgia, it’s difficult to imagine such luxuries in the urban jungles we have today. Pity the children and adults who have to slog it out in summer with no such fun to look forward to. But all is not lost!  These handy tips to beat the summer heat will help you stay cool and have fun too.

Tips to beat the summer heat

1. Hit the swimming pool/beach

The best way to chill out in the city! Swimming pools are not hard to come by. If you live in a gated community with a swimming pool to boot, rejoice in your fortune. The others’ needn’t worry too.

You can always chill out at the various swimming pool hangouts in your city which open up in summer such as 5-star hotels, clubs and the like. And if you live in the coastal area, nothing’s better than a beach picnic in the early hours of the day. While we’re at it, check out some amazing clothes you can flaunt on the beach like this,

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Frolic around in a summery dress.

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Your kids could also chill out with some amazing beach wear from Firstcry.

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2.Hillside sojourn

What do you do if a trip to your Grandma’s village is ruled out? Suffer in silence? You could still enjoy a cool trip by escaping to the hillside. While we had an earlier article on the best summer retreats here, you can always take a trip to common favourites like Mt.Abu, Ooty, Darjeeling etc. MakeMyTrip has come up with amazing offers to cool places like Kashmir(Rs. 31999) and Bhutan(Rs. 32999).

Here’s how to have fun in the hills.

Take a walk in the woods which are a staple at any hill station.

4 (27)

Explore the endless tea and coffee estates.

5 (18)

Wake up to misty morning with some masala chai.

6 (13)

Bliss right? This is the best time to make the most of it, so go right ahead.

3. Dress cool

This is what summer is all about, right? It’s the best time to flaunt soft cotton outfits and look like royalty. Choose loose clothes and the right fabrics. Cottons help your skin breathe easily and you can also look uber cool and stylish when you wear them any time of the day.

Check out the Spring-Summer 16’ Collection on Jabong for some cool styles.


You can also look at some of the latest in men’s fashion from the Amazon Summer Collection.


4. Indulge…in anything cold

No food is as satisfying on a hot summer day as a yummy, gooey ice cream. Whether you have it homemade or store-bought, these melty, creamy treats are hard to beat in summer. Check out some of the best ice creams in town.

This mint choc chip icecream is available at Baskin Robbins and can be ordered through sites like Zomato and savoured right at home. Zomato has some good offers for specific orders and you can avail them and enjoy.

9 (5)

Whip up a watermelon lime soda in the cool comfort of your home!

10 (5)

5.Protect Your Skin

Skin requirements during summer are different from those in winter. For skin, the hot weather conditions can be really challenging. It’s important to apply the right sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Go for a toner to keep you hydrated. Always remember to use a water proof makeup or if possible, go without makeup. Always exfoliate your skin and use a mild face wash while you wash your face.

Understanding your need, LotusHerbals has come up with some natural products to beat the summer heat. You even get a discount of 15% when you shop from them.


Some of the other summer essentials which you should have are,


Sunglasses, summer hats, casual beach jute footwear etc.

Sites like Amazon, Jabong, Koovs are offering you the best deals on summer essentials and we urge you to check them out.

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