5 Online Stores Offering Batman vs Superman Merchandise


Two superheroes pitted against each other! What more ingredients do you need for a mass hit? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first live-action film to feature both Batman and Superman. The movie released in India and while it has been going strong, it has been subject to mixed reviews! But a section of the audience are rooting for the movie and the Batman vs Superman merchandise is being sold like hot cakes.

This just sums about the reaction of many.


Need ideas about where to purchase your favourite Batman vs Superman goodies?

Here’s a list of 5 stores offering them right for tees to mobile covers. We also present you some interesting trivia about the movie.

1. Amazon

batman vs superman merchandise

Amazon has stocked on some of the best merchandise you can check out on. Are you someone who sports t-shirts of your favourite movies characters? Then you can get some fo the best Batman vs Superman tees here. Team up with these superheroes and show your real powers to the world.  You can be superman or supergirl and look amazing. The prices are also very affordable beginning at Rs.399.

What’s more, you also have amazing batman couls(masks), batman vs superman action figures and smaller merchandise like keychains.

Movie Trivia:  Ben Affleck and Batman? That was the reaction of most when news came on that Christian Bale had been replaced as Batman. However, news has it that Ben Affleck was prepared for the backlash. In fact, Warner Bros prepared him for it showing him all the backlashes for previous Batman casting announcements which included 50,000 angry letters.

Looks like the video going viral of Affleck’s ‘sad’ reaction is just a farce!  

2. First Cry


The movie has the biggest fan in kids. And it’s no surprise really! After all, kids love to see their favorite superheroes on screen, right? So Firstcry which is the go-to site for any kids’ apparels has come up with action figures of Batman and Superman. These action figures are much sought after by children and helps them develop their personalities through pretend play.

Prices start at around Rs.719 and come with a 10% discount.

Movie Trivia:  Back in 2007, the Will Smith-led adaptation of I Am Legend seemed to predict Batman v Superman when it featured a poster for the movie as an Easter Egg in the background. It was just screenwriter Akiva Goldsman referencing his own Batman vs. Superman script from 2001 that was rejected by Warner Bros. at the time. Almost feels like Nostradamus!

3. ShopClues

coffee mug

Shopclues has come up with an interesting range of goodies to celebrate the spirit of the movie. You can find attractive Batman vs. Superman tees for both men and women. What is nice about the tees on Shopclues is that they are not in boring tones of grey, black, white and red but also in bright neon hues like yellow and green. Besides, there are cute coffee mugs and attractive wallets in support of the Batman-superman series and you get them at huge discounts.

You also get cashbacks on some of the merchandise and amazing discounts on Shopclues on a variety of other goodies.

Movie Trivia: A lot of thought went into building the persona of Batman and Superman! When Zack Snyder(Director) and Henry Cavill(played Superman) disagreed about Superman’s psychology, they would both do push-ups until someone gave in. A cool way to decide on the winner! Looks like Snyder is a fun person to work with.

4. Planet Super Heroes Website

batman mobile cover

India’s largest super-hero site, Planet Super Heroes( www.planetsuperheroes.com) can never be far behind when it comes to the most amazing merchandise of this superhero movies. Get the best quality tees, and flaunt the superheroes even on your mobile covers. The cases are lovely with matte finish and feature even anti-heroes like Deadpool.

There’s an offer of Rs.150 for online payments so grab your favourites now.

Movie Trivia: Christian Bale, who played the earlier Batman found it extremely hard to let go of Batman – to the point where he has admitted to being jealous of Ben Affleck taking on the role for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, he had taken up the decision to never do Batman again and stuck to it.

5. Snapdeal


Besides the usual tees, mugs and action figures,Snapdeal is offering buyers a wide range of Batman vs Superman merchandise including posters, novels, sticker books, wallets, laptop skin and much more. It is going to be a big hit with the kids for sure and are selling huge on the site.

There’s an ongoing offer of two tees for Rs.699.

Movie Trivia: Batman v Superman is the first live-action big screen appearance of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. That’s six out of the seven members of the cinematic Justice League in a single film! 

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