8 Fun Ways to Enjoy This Monsoon

It’s officially monsoon time, folks! Time to curl up on the couch and do absolutely nothing! With dark clouds bursting to their seams, it’s only right that we make the most of this short but pleasant season. Here are some fun ways to enjoy your monsoon.

Fun Ways to Enjoy this Monsoon

1) Cuddle up with your favourite book or series


The best way to enjoy the rains and entertain yourself too. Just curl up with your book or watch your fav shows. Missed Game of Thrones this season? Now’s your chance to catch up! Malgudi Days is another great book to catch up on in this weather if you already haven’t!

2) Play football in the rain!

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Nothing like a game of football in the rain! You get all dirty and wet, but who cares? Just call in your family and friends and get wet and have the time of your life.

3) Pursue Indoor Hobbies you’ve long forgotten

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As you grew up, surely you’ve given up on a lot of hobbies due to lack of time! Now’s the time to catch up! Sew up a new dress, paint a picture, play the guitar…take up that hobby you have long forgotten.

4) Splash around in Colourful Outfits

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Vanity is an essential during rains! Prep up your and others day! Wear splashes of colour. A colourful raincoat, boots and you will look great! Don’t be a bore, even your umbrella can be colourful!

5) Just Curl up in Bed

fun ways to enjoy this monsoon

For the lazy ones!

Nothing better than a warm bed on a cold day. Just curl up, listen to music or loll around in bed. If your bed has a view from the window, nothing better than that. Bring out the Robert Frost in you. Try your hand at some romantic poetry!

6) Munch on hot Snacks

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Fix yourself yummy Indian monsoon snacks…yes, we would like to call hot samosas, pakoras and the like this way because undoubtedly the are the best snacks for cold days, right? A cup of masala chai will complete the combo and bingo, you’re day is made.

7) Get Fit at Home

tumblr_nbl03gjxy01s2knnio2_1280 (1) All play and no work is a thing of the past! Monsoons are a great time to make sure you stay in shape in the comfort of your home. Pull up your socks(literally!) and just get exercising. Yoga is a great way to stay fit at home too.

8) Don’t Miss the Rain Dance 


Dance like no one’s looking! Get those shoes on, and dance aka Raj Kapoor style. Rain dance with friends or with a beloved one. What better way to enjoy the monsoons?

Ok, we’ve given you the ideas! Now it’s your turn to implement them. Remember, monsoons last but a few weeks. So follow these right away!

For those lucky enough to stay by the seaside, walk by the seas in the rains. Another important tip! Sites like Pepperfry have offers like Monsoon Fiesta. Don’t miss them and use the Pepperfry Coupons to buy quality furniture.

Got more ideas, give them in the comments below.

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