Growth of Online Food Orders and Trends in India

While e-commerce is rapidly spreading around the world, the food industry also began to take its’ place in this growing area. In India, the trend of ordering food online is picking up! It has become an unending quest for new and exciting food products and experiences.

Though the online food delivery is an interesting urban phenomenon, but India is yet to witness how the business model proves itself capturing the Tier-II and Tier-III cities in days to come.

Many local and national players are joining the space. In fact the foreign brand JustEat has also tied up with the Bangalore based HungryZone. Foodpanda which started its business from Delhi-NCR is the major player in the segment followed by Swiggy, Zomato. Besides, DeliveryChef, BigBite, Titbit and Eatallnite are the emerging players in the online food delivery market which is estimated to grow at 40 percent annually.

Placing food orders online benefits customers, restaurants and the food delivery players. For consumers, it is not only an easy and convenient tool but it is also a great platform to avail good discounts. Startups are in rat race to acquire first time users and have been rolling out offers like Foodpanda offers Rs 50 discount to first times users. and same by other food startups. However, the profit margin is 2-3% higher in deliveries as compared to dine-in these days.

Do you order food online? Check out some interesting facts in this infographic.

Online food delivery infographic
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