Top Cruises in the World on a Budget

Wondering how to vacation this summer? If you’re someone who’s bored of hill stations, beaches and the like, it’s time to pull up your socks and book a cruise.

If you feel a cruise could be boring because of lack of places to explore, you couldn’t be more wrong! Cruises offer plenty of entertainment for the whole family! Besides where else can you safely lodge your kids in a fun zone and enjoy by yourselves? No carrying around baby food, no more scouting for restaurants – a cruise has everything built in coupled with oodles of fun!

Here’s a list of top cruises in the world you should definitely try

  1. The Grand Cruise (Singapore, Penang, Port Klang) – around 65,299 INRtop cruises in the world

This is an exotic six-day cruise touching upon three locations. The best part is that this fare includes flight tickets, meals, transfers and sightseeing. You can walk the ship and explore your surroundings.

You get to explore Singapore and enjoy a Broadway show on the cruise in the evening. Then you get to sail in crystal blue ocean waters until you reach Penang, and explore beaches, ancient temples and have fun. This is followed by a fun trip to Port Klang and will end in Singapore. What’s exciting about this trip is the facilities on board the cruise.

      • Enjoy a Jacuzzi bath with a dip in the swimming pool as well.
      • Kids have plenty of entertainment options, fun games and much more.
      • For the gaming addicts, you have a huge gaming arcade and casinos.
      • There are movie halls, discotheques, performances by artists and much more.

Best time: April to September

Best for family trips

2. Mediterranean Cruise(Rome) – 69,063 INRtop cruises in the world

Just lie back and enjoy the starry sky above and the gentle sea breeze all at once. The Mediterranean region is known for its healthy food, blue waters and beautiful weather. This is what this 10 day cruise will offer you!

Is this your maiden cruise voyage?

Starting from exploring Rome, the cruise will let you explore the unconventional places in Europe like Genoa, Civitavecchia etc. And you will just not stop raving about how good the cruise is. Here are some highlights

      • Well stocked bars.
      • Lounges for deep sea and star gazing.
      • Fine dine restaurants
      • The best part, the cruise takes you on a dream trip to old castles, ancient 15th century buildings, museums and on a seafood trail.
      • Plenty of drama, fun and entertainment activities.

 Best suited for families between April to September.

 3. Alaska Cruise (Seattle, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Victoria) – INR 1,04,250.Alaska Cruise

Here’s a better way of exploring the Canadian and American way of life! Take this cruise to have the vacation of your life starting from a tour of Seattle. You spend two fun-filled days at sea which will be the highlight of your cruise.

Best times can be had at the

      • Spa
      • Restaurants
      • Theatres
      • Swimming pools
      • Casinos
      • Fitness and Gaming Centre.

The best part of this trip is the stop at Juneau. Juneau is best known for its beautiful views of glaciers. Places such as Tracy Arm Fjord give you an opportunity to gaze at the seamless expanse of snow. A sure feast for the eyes! If you have an adventurous streak in you, you can even head out for a trek to the Mendenhall Glacier.

Another 10-day cruise for a fun summer trip with family.

4. Arabian Gulf Cruises – around 36,390 INRtop cruises in the world
This stunning 7 Day cruise which covers Dubai and surrounding areas will leave you asking for more. Starting at Dubai, you head off to exciting places like Abu Dhabi and Muscat.

The cruise offers exciting features like

      • Rock climbing
      • A massage parlour
      • A great pool
      • Your kids will enjoy with the Adventure Ocean Youth & Teen Program.
      • Sophisticated fitness centres
      • Royal style dining

It’s a complete family cruise and the best time to take it is in winter from Dec-Feb.

 5. Egypt Nile Cruise – 46,655 INRnile cruise

Who wouldn’t want to cruise along the majestic Nile? Most cruises on the Nile take you through Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, and Luxor. The luxuries on board the cruise are excellent and you get to enjoy.

      • Cocktail parties with complimentary drinks
      • A Galabia party in Egyptian style
      • Performances by artists
      • Great food
      • Spa and swimming pool

The travel itinerary is relaxing and it is a seven-day cruise.

The ideal time to travel would be the winter with family.

Now that you have some amazing cruises to choose from, you can book them up. Use the MakeMyTrip travel coupons for exciting deals on holidays and cruises and have the time of your life.

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