Top Interior Design Apps Which Will Help You Decorate Your Home

Home decoration is fun! After all, you get to check out the coolest furniture, antique or trendy artefacts and the best themes. Who doesn’t love the smell of leather and wood as you want into a furniture store? But walking from store to store till you zero in on stuff is a real pain in the neck.

There’s good news for all decorators! Whether it’s decorating your homes, repainting them or you are looking for inspiring ideas to decorate your home, there are scores of apps to help you. Here are the top interior design apps we’ve rounded up and which you would love to check.

1. Nerolac Colour Style

Nerolac colour style

Free on Android

This app allows you to pick any colour from over 1,500 Nerolac shades or even from your favourite picture and save the palette for future use.

  • Besides you also get to be a virtual painter. Just take a picture of the area you need to paint. Choose your favourite colour from the choices available or from saved palettes. Apply to the area and check the results.
  • It helps you with various colour combos for your home, both interior and exterior.

2. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz interior design

Free on iOS

  • This app contains a whopping 7 million decoration ideas with high-resolution pictures which you can browse through to decorate your home.
  • Browse through ideas for every type of room and new products.
  • CNN has dubbed this the ‘Wikipedia of interior and exterior design’ and The Independent included it in the ’50 best interiors websites’.
  • Bring your design ideas to life by sketching.

3. Mark on Call

interior design apps

Rs.190 in iOS

Mark on Call is the next best thing to hiring a qualified interior designer! You can create detailed floor plans and create a virtual design for your room with real-time measurements. You can even add doors and windows. This is certainly cool, right? The other reasons we liked it is because

  • You can take pictures of fabrics, carpets, etc and add them to virtual surfaces to get an idea.
  • Due to real time measurements, it helps to prevent measurement disasters. Like buying an oversized sofa or bed for your small room.
  • Add colours and textures to your room. You can also add pieces already in your room by taking a picture and adding to the floor plan to get decoration ideas.

4. SnapShop Showroom

snapshot show room

Free on iPhone

SnapShop gives you the confidence that a piece of furniture will look great in your house before you heavily invest in it. Here’s how.

How SnapShop Works

  • Browse through their furniture catalog and pick your favorite piece.
  • Use your fingers to position and rotate the furniture in the right spot and take a picture. You can now see how it will look in your room.
  • Share it with friends and get feedback.

5. iHandy Level


Free on Android and iOS

This app is for the wall hanging lovers! It helps you hang photos and artwork on a wall in alignment.

  • Just install and start checking the level of your furniture, picture frames, and shelves.

Go all out with these interior design apps and come up with super creative ideas to decorate your home. What’s more, you have a lot of online sites like UrbanLadder which offer the best home decor you will find. Watch out for all their latest deals on trendy furniture fit for your homes.

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