9 Types Of Teachers You’ll See In Your Student Life

Teachers From the best to the most annoying, we’ve got you covered.

1. Strict but fair


These teachers are strict, annoying and might be scary but you don’t want them to hate you when the teacher’s in the class because they are always fair.

2. Shouting Engine


Though they might not be strict or frightening, these teachers scream like hell in class.

3. The Legend


This teacher is the one who gets all the respect might be more than the principal and can be the most inspirational person to you by the end of the school year.

4. The Hot One


Your school crush. All the boys want her or all the girls want him.

5. The Tech Savvy


The new age teacher who’s so good with the latest technology methods and is not like other teachers. You might feel like he/she is the coolest teacher in the whole school.

6. The Elementary


You must admit that without this teacher you wouldn’t be able to make it throughout the school year whether it’s your homework or getting extra marks in the test.

7. The Hawk Eyed Teacher

hawk eye

The teacher you should never mess with. Even if you are the last bencher or how skilled you are.

8. The All Around Hated Teacher


You might wonder why this teacher’s still not fired from the school.

9. The BFF


This type of teacher you’ll remember who added meaning life to your school days and giving academic advice.

And chances are you’d cry when it’s time to say goodbye!

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