9 Uber Value Added Services You Never Knew Existed

Uber value added services you haven’t heard of them. These services best suits for the local lifestyle.

Check them out below.

1. UberCarSeat


UberCarSeat is available for UberX at a surcharge of $10 in NYC, WC, Philly. Uber teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide and drivers are trained by certified child passenger safety technician.

2. UberWine


In California Wine tourism contributes $2.1 billion to the local economy. Uber users can select UberWine option from the app over the weekend along with other Uber cars options are also available. Uber wine is comparatively cheap and will tentatively cost £35per vehicle per hour making it the best option for a small group of friends.

3. UberMoto


Uber launched UberMoto as a pilot in Bangkok and expanded in few cities in India. With UberMoto rider can take short rides on Bikes at a cost of Rs 2 Per/Km.

4. UberLux


UberLux offers high-end luxury cars in NYC, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Austin, and few other cities. When you hit Uberlux option from the app you may expect to get one of these cars:-

  • Rolls Royce (any four-door model)
  • Tesla Model S
  • Lexus LS
  • Audi – A8
  • Jaguar – XJ
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Maybach – (any four-door models.
  • Bentley (any four-door model)
  • Mercedes Benz S & G Class
  • BMW – 7 Series
  • Range Rover/Land Rover

5. UberSki


UberSki gets you to the slopes, for skiers and snowboarders in Utah. UberSki services all resorts along the Wasatch Front – from Ogden to Park City, to the Cottonwood. This service will charge a $4 surcharge to normal UberX and UberXL base fares.

6. UberBoat


UberBoat can change how you do Miami’s art week. With UberBoat riders can travel between Miami Beach and the art districts by jetting across Biscayne Bay in both directions on luxury yachts.

7. UberPet


Uber Launched UberPet service in Istanbul. Pet should be accompanied by the owner and in the case of incidents, where car cleaning will be necessary  urine, feces, vomit, etc.)

8. UberGreen


You’ll find UberGreen in Paris, Porto, and Lisbon

UberGreen drivers use hybrid or electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf (electric) or Toyota Prius (hybrid) in particular. a Green ride costs the same as an UberX trip.

9. UberBike


Uber launched UberBike in Amsterdam- City where there are more bicycles than people. The cost is the same as a regular UberX trip, plus an extra €4 for the bike.

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