Creative Ways to Recycle Old Furniture with Stunning Effects

  Are you someone who disposes off your furniture just because it is old? Never do that, because any furniture, however old, can be recycled and recreated into the most wonderful piece of furniture/item with vintage appeal! Just that you need to get creative and put in a little bit of effort.

Recycle your old furniture pieces and put it anywhere –  in your garden, bedroom or kitchen and people will look at you in awe! Here, we give you some ideas on how to put your old pieces to good use. There are online stores which actually beautify old classic furniture and sell them on vintage furniture. Look up at sites like Pepperfry with good discounts from here. 

Coffee table from wooden pallets of old furniture

old furniture 1

Have wooden pellets from old furniture decomposing in a corner of your garden? Most of us just throw them away for fear of attracting termites and all kinds of insects. But little do we know that with some creative ideas, you can make great pieces of furniture out of them. No need to buy any teak, rosewood, based expensive furniture anymore.

 Do you know wooden pallets are just perfect for recreating into any type of table? Use it like a coffee table, or your own computer table, or just about any type of table you need!

Old beds in your garden

old furniture 2

Most of us just give away our old beds to someone in need when we need to replace them with new ones. Well, charity is good! Or we just sell it off at a lower price to the first buyer we see.

But what do you do if it’s beyond usage condition? Do not throw it away into a junkyard. Just use it for yard landscaping and decorate with colourful flowers. Or you can just grow a flower bed on it. Surely, your garden is going to be the most loved one in your neighbourhood.

Old chairs as shelves

old furniture 3

Every house has chairs which are old and you are really bored of. Usually they are chucked off to an old corner of the attic never to be seen again. Old chairs are a blessing! Yes, they really are, if you know how to put good use to them in other parts of your house.

Use old chairs to hold flower pots in your garden, or to act as wall shelves as seen above. Or you can actually repaint them colourfully and make necessary repairs to house a small corner table and chair in a cozy part of your home. Perfect to read on lazy afternoons! Amazing creativity, isn’t it?

Old drawers as shelves

old furniture 4

Have some old drawers from an aging dressing table? Bet you never imagined they could actually be reused! Use old drawers for wall art, to mount a mirror or use them as shelves for a very beautiful effect on your walls.

Old chair as swing

old furniture 6

If there’s an old chair at home with broken legs and withering away, here’s your best chance to make a lovely swing from it by just drilling holes along the sides and suspending it. Children especially will love it.

Library Card Catalogue as coffee table

old furniture 5

If, by any chance, you have an old card catalogue at home, just add a splash of color and with some light re-designing, you can pass it off as a gorgeous coffee table. Just change its legs or add some elements such as a glass or a mirrored top to boost the glam quotient.

That’s it! We’ve given you a few basic ideas! You can go all out, use your imagination and surprise anyone with classy furniture ideas.

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