Ever ‘Green’ Quotes Which Will Remind You World Environment Day 2016 is Important

We think every day should be an Environment Day. However this June 5th, as we celebrate World Environment Day, let’s pause and think of how to make this planet a better place. Do you know that every World Environment Day has a different theme.

Here are some interesting quotes about how important the environment is. So, do your bit this year. On June 5th , do your bit towards protecting the environment.

World Environment Day 2016 Quotes

1) Always waiting to do your bit? Start protecting the environment right away! 


2) Don’t ever forget why it’s important to protect the environment. Yes, the future generations are dependent on it.


3) Selflessness is a virtue of nature! Time we cultivate it too and help others in whatever way we can. 


4) Isn’t this so true? 


5) Save the environment for your own good! After all, it’s one of the importnat gifts we would give our future generations.


6) Well, let’s just say, use your resources wisely. 


7) We always knew the important of planting trees, right? Plant one more this June. 


8) You don’t have to be a serious environmentalist for this! Just act in your own simple way!


9) And last, but not the least… 🙂03

Let’s celebrate the World Environment Day 2016 on June 5th and vow to make the Earth a safer place for future generations. One of the best ways is to plant saplings? Do not have time to go to your nearest nursery? Worry not, Amazon has some amazing plants like ornamental and potted which you can buy online. Also use Amazon coupons on any product you buy on the site to avail amazing offers.

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