Fashion Trends for Ladies: How to rock the Nerdy Look

It’s a known fact that ‘nerdy’ and ‘fashion’ are two words that don’t go together! Are you blessed (or cursed, depends on how you see it!) with nerdy looks? Then it’s a no-brainer that your friends aren’t going to make you their fashion consultant.

The stereotype is visible everywhere, Bollywood’s Naina( Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) is rejected by the hero for being nerdy! Once she turns all glam there’s no looking back and the hero pursues her! While this looks downright misogynistic(a different debate saved for later), you can also look great and rock the nerdy look as well!

Want to know how? Here are a few tips on how to rock the nerdy look and be the centre of attention.

Here’s how to rock the nerdy look

1. Rock those Glasses

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Take inspiration from the likes of Anna Hathway and Jennifer Lopez, and look like a chic diva! Feel the need to wear glasses? Just go for the oversized ones with a black rim! You could either choose from professor style rims or much sleeker frames and totally rock it with your outfits. You can also try the universally shattering tortoise shell glasses.

Of course, go for glasses based on your face shape, take the optician’s help if necessary!

2. Flaunt the Stylish Tie Neck Blouse

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The tie neck blouse is sweet and chic at the same time! That’s why we urge you to go for it. One of our favourite looks is a white blouse with a black or classic navy colored tie and a pleated skirt. This versatile blouse will even look good with formal pants, jeans and a long skirt. Pair it anyway, you will surely look the ultimate geeky diva you wish to be!

That would make you one nerdy looking beauty, right? You can find attractive looking ones at sites like abof. Go for it during sales to get the best bargains from abof.

3. School Girl Look

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School girl inspired fashion isn’t passé. There’s something hot about the preppy school girl look! This look is nerdy yet smart, but remember, don’t get it wrong!  You’ve got to ramp it up to suit adults. Need tips? We’re surely glad to share them with you.

Flannelled skirts which are knee length, poplin shirts, trim overcoats or boots will help you get this look. Long sized coats paired with pleated minis will also help you exude school girl charm!

4. Geek It Up with Captions

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Mark Zuckerberg with his signature grey t-shirts is definitely an inspiration. It only emphasizes the point that nerdy people wear tees. It’s no secret that women have to work doubly hard to be taken seriously especially in the world of technology. So how to show the world that you are not just all glitz but can code better than any man? With the right captions on your t-shirts, of course! Instead of the girly captions usually printed on ladies t-shirts, go for ones which portray your tough side.

Cool geeky t-shirts with the amazing captions will take people by surprise, don’t miss out on the glances you get!

5. The Right Bling

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For the nerdy look, you can’t just can’t sport any jewellery out there! Choose some quirky pieces which justify the tag of a geek. Bored of your regular jewellery? The next best thing is quirky, geeky jewellery which can be carried off with aplomb. The Rubix cube earrings are a masterpiece. 🙂

 Check out from the samples above.

So we’ve given you all the tips we could think of. Got more cool ideas? share them in the comments below.

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