How People Are Reacting To The iPhone 7 Launch – Funniest Memes/Trolls

iPhone 7 released and the internet is flooding with the memes, trolls, and gags.

Check out these funniest memes/trolls collected from the internet.

1. Let’s Go For A Run With The iPhone 7


2. After Apple Announces The iPhone 7 Without An Audio Jack

3. Apple Said Removing The Headphone Jack Was “Courageous” On The iPhone 7


4. It’s Not The First One

5. Damn!

6. They Lit🔥

7. Take All My Money

8. Immortal

9. Plotting

10. Nailed It

11. Move On Fam!

12. “New”

13. Why You Do This

14. He’s The One

15. KMS

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